Seychelles 1997 – a gallery was added

In consequence of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions I took the time to browse my film archiv and to digitalize a selection of my slides taken on an amazing trip to the Seychelles Islands 23 years ago when digital photography was not yet introduced. Please read the detailed description that is accessible via the drop down menue and view the gallery here


To the Pumas of Patagonia, Chile – a collection of images was added

The gallery displays a selection of photographs that were captured on my recent trip to the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. Though primarily focused on the elusive puma – also called “Ghost of the Andes” – the gallery also shows other wildlife and birdlife as well as the amazing scenery of the TdP NP. You can read the description and view the gallery here. I had visited Patagonia for the first time in 2010 for photographing the stunning landscape.


Icebreaker Expedition to Snow Hill Island – a new gallery was added

In October 2018 I had the unique chance to join the legendary Antarctic expedition to the Emperor Penguins of Snow Hill Island aboard the helicopter- equipped Russian icebreaker “Kapitan Khlebnikov”. It was the first trip for the past 8 years and there a no plans of another expedition for the foreseeable future. Please read the detailed description and browse the selection of photographs of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Costa Rica II (2018) – a gallery was added

The second photo trip to Costa Rica in April 2018 mainly was focused on the Pacific side of the country while our first visit in 2017 had been concentrated on the central and Caribean parts. The selection of photographs may give another impression of the amazing biodiversity of Costa Rica. For more informations please click on the pulldown menu on top of the gallery.


West Greenland 2016

A new photo gallery was added giving an impression of my voyage along Greenland’s West coast between Upernavik and Ilulissat. For more informations including the itinerary and the details of the dramatic deline of the ice sheet since my first visit of the area in 2002,  please open the pop-up window on the corresponding gallery page. A map of the travel route incl. the key points and a graphic representation of the glacier retreat are added to the description, too .


Canadian Arctic – a new gallery was added

A selection of photographs of my recent trip to northern Canada was added. The photosafari mainly was focussed on polar bear moms with new born cubs emerging from their dens before spring. Some informations were added, too, describing the difficult conditions to get there and the temperatures in the tundra well below -40°C .


Impressive Multimedia Presentation

On January 26th an effortful Multimedia show under the title “Fascination of Nature Photography” was displayed in Heidenheim (Germany). The presentation was laid out as a charity event for the benefit of the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and took place in the auditorium of the local High School which has a partnership with the St Theresa High school in Bhalukapara. Around 150 excited visitors from all over the region watched the selection of Wolfgang’s photographs and videos on Costa Rica, the Pantanal in Brazil, the orcas and humpback whales of the Peninsula Valdes and Northern Norway combined with photos and timelapse sequences of the Northern Light and background music. The AV presentation was programmed with Wings Platinum 6 Pro and was very successful regarding the charity appeal, too.




Publication in “Naturfoto” (issue 4/2017)

The well respected German photo magazin “Naturfoto” (issue 4/ 2017) published my photo documentation on the Orcas and the spectacular beach hunting strategy they practice at the peninsula Valdes, Argentina. You can download the article here (German language and moderate quality of the scan, though). For more photos and informations please visit the gallery.

Documentation on the hunting orcas published in Naturfoto (4/2017)


Two finalist images at the Siena International Photography Awards 2017

Two of my images have been shortlisted in the final round of the International SIPAcontest 2017 in Siena, Italy. The 2017 edition has received nearly 50000 images from photographers from 130 countries worldwide. The Siena International Photo Award is one of the photo contests with the highest international participation ever.

Floating iceberg, Hinlopen Strait, Spitsbergen

Breeching humpback whale, Tracy Arm, Alaska


Along Argentina’s Patagonian Coast

A gallery and some informations were added. The photographs were taken on an extension trip further to the south in connection to my first visit of the Peninsula Valdes in 2012.


To the famous Orcas of the Peninsula Valdes, Argentina

A selection of images of the orcas and other wildlife was added. The photos were captured on 4 trips to Valdes in the period from 2012 to 2016. For more informations about the world-famous hunting behavior of the killer-whales and the area please see the description on the gallery page.