PHASE ONE PhaseOne is well-known for offering digital backs and software for Hasselblad and Mamiya cameras. The Danish company’s Capture One RAW workflow software was designed for professional photographers. Though debatable, it’s still regarded as the best RAW converter by many pros and it is my favourite program, too.
AV Stumpfl Renowned Austrian company producing high end show control, multidisplay, projection screens, touch control and audiovision equipment. I use their highly rated Wings Platinum software for my digital AV presentations.
photo-i Earlier one of the best sites on the web regarding printer reviews, printing and related topics,- owned by Vincent Oliver.It now offers review of other gear, too but has not been updated for some time. My most visited resource for nature photography, offering a very competent forum on digital and photography topics, excellent image galleries and much more.
NAPP The National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) is the leading source of Adobe Photoshop news, informations and tutorials. The NAPP has ten thousands of members worldwide and is the publisher of the highly acclaimed Photoshop User magazine.
The Luminous Landscape Owned by the Canadian Photographer Michael Reichmann, the comprehensive site is devoted to landscape and nature photography, featuring product reviews, tutorials, photographic techniques and more. Fred Miranda’s site specializes in Photoshop actions and Photoshop plugins, also covering equipment reviews and informative forums.
imaging resource Run by Dave Etchells, the site posts latest news on digital cameras and film scanners. It offers excellent digicam reviews including an instructive “Comparator” for digital camera image comparisons.
Neat Image Neatimage is a widely known tool designed to reduce visible noise and grain in photographic images, produced by digital cameras and scanners. The software can be used as a Photoshop plugin or standalone application. Though today’s DSLRs produce pretty clean files within a wide ISO range, I sometimes use the program for accurate noise reduction in high ISO images or long exposured photographs – such as Northern light shots. Established in 1998 by Phil Askey, Digital Photography Review probably is the largest and most visited website on digital photographic topics, primarily covering detailed reviews/previews of digicams and many discussion forums. German based information board and discussion forum for Canon photographers. Everything on this site is in German. Website of the renowned bird photographer Art Morris featuring photos, books, instructional photo tours and sharing Morris’ thoughts on lenses, cameras and accessoires.
epp PTLens is a software that corrects lens pincushion/barrel distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberration, and perspective. For correcting CA, I oftenly prefer the program to the similar Photoshop filter.