7/30/2007: To East Greenland and Baffin Island // Click here to open (or close) the description
In the summer of 2006 I took part in 2 consecutive voyages aboard “M/V Polar Star” to Greenland and Baffin Island. Both trips were not primarily adapted to the special interests and the timing of serious nature photographers but had a strong historical focus. So a lot of compromises was required. Nevertheless, it was an impressive experience and the only chance for me to get to these remote places in the limited period I had available. That’s why I had decided to join. On the first trip, we set off from Svalbard and sailed west across the Demark Strait to East Greenland trying to reach land as far north as the sea ice allowed. We travelled down the remote coast of Greenland entering a landscape of dramatic fjords, endless tundras, glaciers and icebergs By Zodiac rides we visited places of interest relating to exploration and settlement. Before sailing back to Iceland we entered the well-known Scoresby Sund which is the largest fjord of the world and with its huge walls and towers of ice was one of the most impressive places on the trip. We encountered several species of wildlife such as seabirds, musk oxes, seals and some whales too. Sadly enough, we could see the retreat of the glaciers and dramatic melting due to the global warming in many places along Greenland’s coast. So I’m glad I once could visit the vanishing beauty of this unique landscape which still is one of the last pristine environments of the world.